Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis 

Tubinger Huftbeugeschiene HMV-NR .

Otto bock  designed by Prof. Dr Bernau.

The Otto Bock Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis is based on the principle of the proven sitting-squatting position with hip flexion greater than 90º and moderate abduction.

The Otto Bock Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis is recommended for treatment of hip dysplasia in infants (hip types IIa and IIb according to Graf). It is also recommended for unstable or decentred hips (IIc and IId) when monitored at frequent intervals by experienced orthopaedic physicians 

Features of the Otto Bock Hip Abduction Orthosis:

  • Thigh supports are connected to the shoulder harness with two perlon-beaded cords
  • Reproducible setting of hip flexion
  • Perlon-beaded cords allow for customized flexion
  • Abduction angle adjustable by means of spreader bar
  • Shoulder supports have terry cloth cover
  • Easy to apply with simple closures and snap locks

Small for age(months)        0-1
medium for age(months)   2-6
Large for age(months)        6-12

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Otto Bock Tubingen Hip Abduction Orthosis

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