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The Medical shop was set up in 1993 in Chania, Crete, continuing the long tradition of more than 100 years of the ARCHONTAKIS family in the fields of health. The shop created a new market environment in Chania, as it is the first shop specialized in medical and orthopedic products, which until then were sold only at PHARMACIES and in a limited variety, without the necessary knowledge and specialization. Later on, the shop included products related to healthy life, creating thus its own market and increasing its clients, as it managed to differ and create its own identity.

In 1997, the MEDICAL SHOP's company was converted into an anonymous corporation (SA) trading under the name GREG SA – ARCHONTAKIS G. COMMERCIAL & HOTEL SA.

In 1998, the MEDICAL SHOP was located in a very impressive and big three-storey building, on one of the most commercial streets of Chania (Tsouderon Street – north stairs of Municipal Market of Chania, Katola region).

From the September  of  2013  the Medical shop is located in a very impressive and big three-storey building, on  the most commercial places  of Chania (Plastira  Street – Squere  of Municipal Market of Chania)

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The products offered at the Medical Shop are indicatively:
  • General products
- Anatomic shoes of the most well-known European companies (ARA shoes, Berkemann, Susimoda, Flyflot, Donna soft, Sanagens )
- Orthopedic insoles for proper support of the body
- Elastic socks & tights for good blood circulation available in all types (SIGVARIS, Medi, sanagens)
- Massage and TENS devices
- Big variety of high-reliability health control devices (blood pressure meters, oximeter, pulse meters)
- Orthopedic & athletiatric products of the most well-known companies (Oppo medical, Thuasne, Gibaud, Bort,Uriel)
- Pediatric orthopedic products
- Scales (seca, beurer)
- Sambo shoes
- Medical outfits
- Foot care products (GEHWOL)
- Hot-water bottles and electric blankets
- First aid and rescue products
- Anatomic pillows and cushions
- Hospital consumables
- Surgery equipment
  • Special products
- Specialized orthopedic products (spine braces, degree-adjustable knee splints etc)
- Special homecare products (bath handles, toilet seat lifts, bathroom chairs etc)
- Disability products (powered and manual wheelchairs)
- Occupational therapy products
- Rehabilitation products for people with disabilities (balance trainers, active and passive exercise bicycles etc)
- Mastectomy products (silicone breast implants, special brassieres and swimming costumes)
- Pulmonary products (oxygen compensators, nebulizers etc)
- Anti-allergic protection covers for dust mites
  • Services rendered by the MEDICAL SHOP
Furree plantar pressure measement


The MEDICAL SHOP uses the plantar pressure measurement device ORTHOFIT, the most spearhead apparatus of the Swiss company ORTHEMA. The loads are analyzed by an optical-mechanical platform which records each measurement component digitally – 3d, via sensors lifted up to 6cm (contrary to the majority of simple plantographs that only record thermal contact stimuli). The specialized and experienced personnel of theMEDICAL SHOP use the plantar pressure measurement device to record:

Load distribution on lower limbs
- The pressures exercised on the lower limbs compared to the normal
- The pressures exercised on one limb compared to the other
- The angles – inclinations of the ankle joint
- The anatomic plantar formations (plantar arch)
- The support surfaces of each limb

This measurement is free-of-charge at the MEDICAL SHOP; clients can order the specially formed insoles based on their own foot morphology or choose insoles from the big variety available at the shop.

Wheelchair Hire (powered or manual)
Free trial of wheelchairs and aids at the customer's place


SERVICE for all our products

 Free-of-charge transportation on the same day of all our products via company's means of transport

The Medical Shop is certified for the proper selling of medical products   and  all the products sold at the MEDICAL SHOP bear the CE marking.

The MEDICAL SHOP is a big imports company of medical & orthopedic products for wholesale and retail trading all over GREECE. Phone and fax orders at:
Tel: +302821028680
Tel: +302821055858

Fax: +302821028681

E-Mail: [email protected]
Address of the Medical Shop: 4  PLASTIRA  STREET, PC 73133, CHANIA, CRETE

(Oposite of the Municipal Market of Chania)

ARCHONTAKIS G. COMMERCIAL & HOTEL SA continuing its innovative and pioneer business activities has been operating since 2004 the hotel ERIA RESORT  in MALEME, KYDONIA, a model hotel complex for people with special needs and their carers. The hotel, which was designed, constructed and equipped from the beginning according to all the specifications and with all the amenities for the comfortable stay of people with mobility disabilities, is now famous worldwide and is a popular destination for tourists with special needs and their friends.


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