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Mobeli telescopic grab handle  ROTH- 44-56.5cm

Mobeli telescopic grab handles offer you the widest possible choice for positioning. Whether to promote independence, for domestic or ambulatory care, the quick and easy attachment of the Mobeli grab handles has satisfactorily proven itself many thousand times.

The telescopic grab handle enables horizontal, vertical, and diagonal positioning on every tile grid of at least 140 x 140 mm. Worth mentioning: Tile bordering dimensions can be easily bridged with the telescopic grab handle.

The handles are particularly well-suited for travelling; with only a few moves they can be disassembled and stowed away in your luggage without taking up much space. Disassembled, the smallest telescopic grab handle even disappears in a jacket pocket.

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Mobeli telescopic grab handle

  • 235,00€

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